24 expected pieces

Montage of the results of the same program, felt-tip, plotter, 42 x 59.4 cm, 2021.

The title of this piece refers us to an unknown, it speaks of the moment when a generative process or protocol is executed for the first time and its full potential is still unknown. It is a goal, 24 expected pieces, to which the program should subscribe, but it is not. Each side of these cubes can be made up of a set that can range from eighteen to thirty-six pieces. The rule is simple, it must divide a plane into a set that is close to twenty-four parts, it can cut a part several times – in a recursive way therefore – which will give irregularities with more or less dense areas.

Axidraw drawing the pices
Drawing process
zoom on the drawing
24 expected pieces @3x
zoom on the drawing
24 expected pieces @2x







The whole drawing is not the result of a single execution of the program but of several, it thus proposes to the spectator a panel of twenty four possible results among millions that could generate this program. The spectator can also experiment this program with his browser by going to the address: https://artemg.com/sketch/recursive-subdivision.