Echo - two black and white edition framed

Generated animation, 192 editions on Polkadot, 2024.


Echo is a captivating exploration of the realm of composition, where the essence lies in a dynamic interplay between samples and a meticulous process of deconstruction.

The process unfolds after the initialization of the composition in three modes:
grids, tunnels, and strata. These compositions evoke the geometric abstraction of the 70s. Each composition is crafted based on pre-defined palettes (consisting of 4 to 6 colors), determining the number of cells in the grid, strata, or sections of the tunnels.

Echo - three composition types (grids, tunnel & strata)

The essence of Echoe doesn’t reside in the introduction of new graphic elements; instead, it resides in the strategic manipulation of existing components. Through a destructive process, the program samples from its own creation, manipulating shapes, varying scales, and pasting reduced versions of samples, creating a hypnotic dance of echoes.

Echo animation
While the result of this protocol may evoke architectural, modern, or futuristic forms, it is fundamentally a process of deconstruction and accumulation-driven by an absurd mechanism.

Once this foundation is laid, the alteration process begins. The program initiates a series of copy-and-paste actions, repeatedly reusing and reactualizing the introduced changes. This iterative process contributes to the evolution of the composition, with each iteration densifying the visual narrative. This leads to an accumulation, rapidly generating intricate details.



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