Supended polygons

Suspended polygons (three iterations: red, yellow and blue)

Programming, Rotring, 29.7 × 42 cm, 41 unique editions generated on the Tezos blockchain, 2023.

this edition does not yet exist and probably never will

Suspended Polygons is a program that attempts to use the full potential of randomness by superimposing a logic of composition. The aim is to take advantage of diversity by applying the minimum of constraint.

The composition is constructed in several stages. The first stage consists of randomly placing points within a frame. These thousand points will be permanently fixed, and their positions will not change thereafter.

this edition does not yet exist and probably never will

The next step is to create groups and link them together. To do this, the program compares the distances separating them, keeping only the closest, thus forming groups that can accommodate between three and five points. The minimum distance between points is set by the user. Some points can be ignored. Once this comparison is complete, hatchings are drawn within the groups (the selected points).

The instructions and algorithms used to compose this work are based primarily on a system of thresholds and choices. As explained above, points are grouped according to a minimum distance, enabling the formation of coherent groups.

this edition does not yet exist and probably never will

This same principle is used to create links between polygons (groups) by identifying the points closest to each polygon. A third threshold intervenes in the composition by selecting the points closest to the edges of the composition. From these points, lines are drawn outwards, parallel to one of the sides of the sheet, sometimes drawing cells (occupied by crosses, horizontal or vertical hatching).



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