Entanglement 4 variations

Fine point pen (0.2mm), Bristol paper (240 g/m²), 29.7 × 42 cm, 4 variations to a copy, 2022.

These four drawings are composed of two projections, the first one has three dimensions (isometric projection) and is made of cubes. The other one is less perceptible and flat and resembles a checkerboard. The sides of the cubes are drawn with different types of lines: regular or irregular, and straight or curved, depending on their position in the grid.
If the square is dark – if the sum of the row and column numbers is even – then the lines will have the same spacing and length, and a twist will be applied to them. Otherwise, they will be drawn straight with strokes of random spacing and length. It is less a question of superimpositions than of making two organizations of forms coincide. One of the two projections is underlying, supporting the other which makes it visible.