Playtime (close up) - iteration 4

Rotring Isograph 0.4mm on Fabriano Accademia 200mg, 24x32cm, 6 variations, 2023.

This project, like most of my work, is about order and disorder.

The grid, the archetype of order, is used to arrange a set of rectangles. These rectangles are then extruded to become blocks/boxes. Here the perspective is created by means of a formula of projection of points on an isometric plane. Depth of field only exists because a sequence of instructions erases the background as the composition is built.

Order is also present in the succession of each of these steps.
And disorder? It is very subtle, insidious, but nevertheless it exists in certain details within these blocks. These are details that do not follow the general shape of the box, residual, forgotten parts of blocks that have been erased.

The title Playtime refers to the film (1967) by Jacques Tati, the cubes generated here evoke the settings of the film (the exteriors of this modern city and certain interior settings such as the open spaces). The analogy is made in the perception of these spaces, thanks to the use of the depth of field of the glass and the reflections.



A link is also made through the film’s few dialogues. The characters do not really understand each other, they speak several languages (French, English, German and some are not subtitled). The misunderstanding arose during the writing of this programme in the form of a bug, an error in the way of erasing certain parts of the composition in the background. Once the error was corrected, the composition offered little interest because the volumes described were perfectly solid, eliminating any perception of depth. This misunderstanding of the way my programme works gave place to a singular perception of space and depth.