Model research by digital writing

Projects shown on this website testify to a research which use digital writing. Coding, 3D modelling, sound edition, tracking event on real time are different way I choose to study and define model. Model of behaviours, reactions, flow rendering or reaction, object or place reproduced into 3D object, digital area own tools operations.

Transformation or evolution of a form

These objects borrowed from real are studied for theirs principle or theirs shapes before be reproduced. The goal of this research is not a simple duplication because chosen elements are complexes to copy and also because after studied it, quantified it, analyzed it, summarized it, the first fascination give a way to a critical or poetical hindsight. The purpose of this works is to give to these clones transformations which may be the neutralisation of theirs principles or functions.

Indexing of a data

Choosen objets mostly have a prior relation to virtuality. Theirs duplication make them tilting into a digital world but the made reproduction suffer an inertia incompatible with our time, it needs to put it on movement, to confront it to the real even if the shape is not the result of my own choice. This aspect make my work into the continuity of the Generative Art and calls into question the notion of author. Sources which drive modification are multiples, mathematical random, digital data flow, scientific research or self generated data by computation.

To an impossible

These transductions are ambivalent. They can be see as modernist utopia or as criticism of our society. These projects are moving representations, they show us a practice which aim to elaborate protocol than make choices which may determine a shape. These absurds works should be looked on a poetical plane and not as technologic contribution. They works towards an impossible maintained real with artifices.



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