Degenerative grid

Generative program, 25 random copies generated on the Tezos blockchain, 2022.

The grid, from my point of view, is an archetype of Minimal Art, this works tends to bring disruption in this rectilinear/straight design.

The program first creates a grid (by randomly selecting a palette from the 18 available). It creates a checkerboard pattern with four rows, each containing four cells.

Next, it copies parts of the grid and repeats them on the composition, following curved movements. It resembles spreading paint, but the initial pattern is not significantly altered. In this process, the copy is pasted at a smaller scale than the original, thus creating new details instead of erasing them.

It is also important to note that each modification it makes can be subsequently copied and duplicated. It is a recursive process, a self-feeding machine running on its own activity.