Vanishing points

Ballpoint pen, acrylic paint, Bristol paper, five variations of one copy 24 x 32 cm, 2022.

Four hundred rectangles are arranged on either side of a horizon line. Despite the seductive aspect of the entanglement of these forms, the subject is indeed space and the way humans perceive it. Each drawing has a frame that is composed of an upper part where the sheet is raw and a lower part painted in black. On the five variations that make up the series, one can distinguish that the horizon is more or less high or low. This is due to the generative nature of this composition since the two vanishing points have random positions, therefore, different from one drawing to another. The rectangles are also randomly placed and their main function is to point to the vanishing points located outside the frame (on the right and on the left). There is a kind of interdependence between the visible points – the vertices of the rectangles – and the invisible points where the vanishing points converge, each existing only because of the other.