Instant T of Art/Instant Tweet

Ordinateur, vidéoprojecteur, programme Java, réseaux internet, microphones, préamplificateur et hauts parleurs, dimensions, supports et formes variables, 2010.

This installation is above all digital, it retransmits through texts and an artificial voice, the tweets or statuses of Twitter users. The program collects the tweets by searching for the word “art” or more precisely the expression “#art” which is used to classify the message in the art category of Twitter. This information is then retranscribed in the form of a frequency spectrum that also reproduces the sound environment of the room (captured by the microphones).

Thus the visitor of the art center sees a scroll of names of artists and events that give a very broad sense of art, more extensive than what we see in museums (culinary art, Nail art, etc.).

The viewer therefore sees a sound representation of the art shared on Twitter, although the microphones do not amplify the sound coming from the room, he can influence this representation by producing any sound.