Triptych, screen printing on canvas (140 × 140cm), acrylic paint on canvas (41 × 41cm), video projector, speakers and program (variable dimension),, 2009.



This sound installation unfolds visually in three forms or three times: a silkscreen of a painting by François Morellet (the reference from a photocopy of a book), the analysis of the mathematical function at work in the process of creating the painting and its transcription into computer language synchronized with sound.


The function written with the help of a stencil is the result of a collaboration with the philosopher and mathematician Gianni Gastaldi, it illustrates in an abstract way the work without taking into account a unit to give a scale: one can thus use it to reproduce this drawing by varying its dimensions.

The program operates by transduction, synchronizing the process of creating the painting (in a loop) with a bass sound.

Thus the length of the sound determines the execution time of the painting and the spaces between the dashes determine the silence time between each reading of the bass sound. The program respects François Morellet’s thought that the process is more important than the result, this aspect inherent to generative art is present in most of my pieces.


More than a quotation, this work is for me a tribute to Morellet and his methodology. Indeed, my work consists in fixing a framework and observing the evolution of the elements of the representation that have become independent.