Szamár Madaár

Silent 3d animation in wireframe rendering, ten second loop, 2010., 2010.


This animation originates from a clip by Chris Cunningham, “Szamár Madaár” (soundtrack: Venetian Snare, Rossz Csillag Alatt Szùletett, Planet Mu, 2005). This clip fascinates me, beyond the technical aspect, because the virtual space it describes has some strange characteristics. The study I made of the movements of light, objects and camera revealed to me that it is double, has no sides. At the end of this study, we can isolate two spaces from all the other elements of the scene, one is a tower whose staircase evokes the Tower of Babel, the other Stonehenge. One of the last camera movements suggests that they are horizontally opposed, as if the Earth were flat and had very little thickness.

My intervention consists in putting one of them back upright: they are on the same plane, embedded in each other. There is no real camera movement, the two buildings turn on a platter (similar to a vinyl turntable).