Echo - two black and white edition framed


Generated animation, 192 editions on Polkadot, 2024.

Aqueduct iteration #54 (left) and #57 (right)


Javascript, plotter, pencil, watercolor, ink, animation, 250 generative editions on Tezos, paper editions in progress, 2023.

Suspended polygons (three iterations: red, yellow and blue)

Supended polygons

Programming, Rotring, 29.7 × 42 cm, 41 unique editions generated on the Tezos blockchain, 2023.


Generative series, JavaScript, 250 editions, 2023.

Playtime (close up) - iteration 4


Rotring Isograph 0.4mm on Fabriano Accademia 200mg, 24x32cm, 6 variations, 2023.

Framed plotter drawing / Dessins au plotter encadrés

Entangled shapes

Hybrid series (NFT & Plotter) 84 iterations (single copies), programming, Bristol paper 24 x 32 cm, Rotring Isograph pen 0.4mm and Indian ink, 2022.