Tes désirs sont désordre

Generative program, 84 random copies generated on the Tezos blockchain, 2022.

This program takes place in two stages.

Different colored lines are drawn by connecting the cells of a grid. Each line is created by moving from one cell to another without crossing other lines (eight possible directions for each movement).

From these initial drawings, particles of the same color are emitted from the initial paths. These particles follow more curved, organic trajectories (Perlin noise/flow field) than the initial lines.

Thus, we have two gestures that are very different in the trajectories they take. The first organizes the composition based on a grid, while the second projects or diffuses the initial construction. Although these two gestures contradict each other, they allow for the creation of a coherent composition.

The colors for this project are not known in advance. They are generated by randomly placing a first point on a color wheel and placing one or two additional points equidistantly to obtain complementary colors.

During the second phase of the program (animation), the colors merge and blend like acrylic paint, creating new intermediate shades and sometimes shadows.