Studio de création musicale numérique imaginé par N.Lebrun / Digital music creation studio designed by N.Lebrun

Triptych, 110 × 70 cm digital printing (3D render) mounted on dibond, 2012.


Atelier Nicolas LebrunWorkshop is a young artist’s piece, an absurd search for a space with means of production. This place is materialized in the prints, but, at the same time, these same prints, these same workshops, evolve according to the whims of an online market.

This market is that of 3D files belonging to the scene of each workshop. These tools, inoperative, having only a figurative function, can inhabit other creations that do not belong to contemporary art: architecture, interior design, video games, communication.


Atelier Nicolas LebrunThis is not an open source creation, the rights of diffusion, of modifications are given in exchange for a sum of money and being digital files, they can be sold as many times as the request will be made. The sales take place on a third party site where there is no mention of the bias of this piece and this in a more generative approach than participatory.

The relationship that exists between these 3D files and the workshop prints is one of interdependence. The objects come from the workshops and the prints evolve according to the sales of the files. When the sum of the sales corresponds to the manufacturing price of a print, the 3D scene changes (addition of object, change of framing, etc.), a new image is produced, printed and laminated.


Atelier Nicolas LebrunThus these 3D renderings are to be seen as inventories or inventories of the workshop. Atelier produces a shift: the tool is no longer a means to obtain a shape, but it becomes the shape itself.