Light meets dark and vice versa

Digitals prints mounted on Plexiglas 30x30cm, work in progress, 2020.

These representations are the result of a manipulation of a landscape image by an algorithm (developed with c++/OpenFrameworks). Light pixels are sent down to meet dark pixels, during this displacement their brightness decreases. This transformation is also applied to dark pixels, from bottom to top, with increasing brightness.


The image is scanned (from right to left and top to bottom) to be analyzed and reinterpreted.This treatment, which stretches the pixels by contrasting them, recomposes the captured reality of these shots by disordering the details of the composition. The colour, although altered by brightness variations, is the element that is most faithful to the original because it is the only information contained in an image file (which itself defines the format).


So we have a hybrid representation that questions the nature of a non-printed image: its storage, its durability, its fragility and its scope.