Ec(h)o System

Sound system and performance (Pierre Hernandez): supports, hardware, performances, forms et dimensions variables, 2016.

The island

Representation taken from Skybox, 3D render printed on Blue Back paper, 400 × 300cm, 2016.


Polyptych, 45 × 45 cm each, digital printing (3D render) mounted on dibond, variable layout, 2015.

Reflection 2014


Video-projected computer program, video camera (form, size and suport variables), 2014.

Réverbération / Reverb 2014


Microphone, program, screening, speakers, dimensions variables, 2013.

Porjection d'un esapace 3d / 3d space projected


Video-projection, screen, network installation, website and program, size and support variable, 2013.

Studio de création musicale numérique imaginé par N.Lebrun / Digital music creation studio designed by N.Lebrun


Triptych, 110 × 70 cm digital printing (3D render) mounted on dibond, 2012.

Still Life

Potatoes, copper, zinc, electric plugs, hifi wire, audio jack cable and pre-amplified speakers, variable dimensions, 2011.


Series of 3D animations, variable dimensions and media, 2010.